WEILI Color Sperm Analysis System

WLJY-2008 Weili Automatic Semen Collector

The most common way to collect semen is masturbation by patient himself. However, it is difficult to succeed since masturbation is easy to be influenced by environmental, psychological, physical factors. Moreover, it is easy to lose some semen when patient does not have good control on masturbation. The Weili Automatic Semen Collector is able to simulate the normal intercourse and help patient to feel comfortable and reach climax easily and then get ejaculation successfully. With this machine, the patient can collection all semen sample and thus increase analysis accuracy.
In addition, the semen collector has the function of desensitization training to avoid premature ejaculation.

I. High success rate of 95%
The Weili Semen Collector has internal double air tyres structure to produce different grip pressure to the top and end side of the penis. It can simulate back-and-forth motion of penis with the similar vagina environment and temperature. The patient can adjust massage intensity and movement speed to get the ideal stimulation to help ejaculation. The success rate reaches 95%.

II. Desensitization training to treat premature ejaculation.
The Weili Semen Collector can treat premature ejaculation through desensitization training. It can massage the penis repeatedly so as to decrease sensitivity of glans and penis, thus increasing ejaculation sensitivity threshold and prolonging ejaculation time.

III. National patented technique
High frequency vibration can stimulate glans to ejaculate quickly
Infrared heating to simulate the temperature of female vagina so as to improve blood circulation of penis cavernosa and increase erection ability
Specific condom is able to collect complete semen sample and avoid pollution and cross infection
Automatic frequency counter, parameter adjustment and lock function to facilitate the hospital to have scientific management and economical accounting
Automatic timer and parameter adjustment function makes the desensitization training scheme more scientific, customized and standard
Easy operation for patient to operate by himself to collect semen sample comfortably
Exquisite metal case and easy to carry around



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